I ate a mango today that tasted so good it was like sticking my tongue in an electrical socket.


Art Deco: Lima, Peru

Because of its turbulent political and financial past, Lima has had periods of economic stagnation followed by both explosive, government-mandated growth and free market booms. One of the really interesting results of the city’s odd economic gait, is that its littered with super cool examples of architecture fads that have gone out of style. Nestled among the new high rises you can usually find the odd art deco style townhouse. If you’re lucky, though, you can sneak a peek at some relics from when Googie and Raygun Gothic were the style of choice for forward looking builders and Nuclear Optimism was the cocktail party subject of choice for forward thinking fondue party goers.

A state of things

“Peruvians don’t have faith in the police, we don’t have faith in the authorities, we don’t have faith in justice. But we have faith in our peers, in our country.” -Pepe

Peru has had a few rough decades. General consensus seem to place the beginning of the trouble at around the time El Sendero Luminoso came to power. The communist-party-turned-terrorist-organization, El Sendero Luminoso (the Shining Path) became best known for dynamiting power lines, setting car bombs in the Miraflores district of Lima, and its penchant for public executions. Starting in the early eighties there were beheadings. And de-armings. And de-legings. Continue reading