Spotlight: Tico Taxis

Say hello to the Tico. Having trouble seeing the tiny car pictured in this photo (#Blurry,#NoSkills)? Well, most of the drivers in the city have a similar problem, albeit for a different reason. In a city where I’ve personally seen three car accidents in just as many weeks, you can bet that by taking one of these minuscule taxis you are also taking your life into your hands. These bad boys were purportedly invented to help South Korean natural gas workers to navigate their immense refinery. Then the company went belly up, and unloaded their extras here in Peru (so the urban legend goes).

When the winter fog hits, these cars go from “nearly invisible” to something closer to “road shadow” and are pretty widely acknowledged as deathtraps. Although it only costs about $.30 to get nearly anywhere in the city, so I guess it’s cheaper than skydiving.

Here’s a photo of a Tico that shows just how tiny it is; lifted from google, stolen from someone much more talented than I. Photo Credit: <;


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