Spotlight: Lomo Saltado

Not too much to say here. Lomo Saltado’s a typical peruvian dish traditionally prepared by taking equal parts heaven, deliciousness, and beef, cooking them together with onions and tomatoes and serving it all over thick cut french fries and rice. The fried quail egg on this one was a nice touch.

Spotlight: Tico Taxis

Say hello to the Tico. Having trouble seeing the tiny car pictured in this photo (#Blurry,#NoSkills)? Well, most of the drivers in the city have a similar problem, albeit for a different reason. In a city where I’ve personally seen three car accidents in just as many weeks, you can bet that by taking one of these minuscule taxis you are also taking your life into your hands. Continue reading

Art Deco: Lima, Peru

Because of its turbulent political and financial past, Lima has had periods of economic stagnation followed by both explosive, government-mandated growth and free market booms. One of the really interesting results of the city’s odd economic gait, is that its littered with super cool examples of architecture fads that have gone out of style. Nestled among the new high rises you can usually find the odd art deco style townhouse. If you’re lucky, though, you can sneak a peek at some relics from when Googie and Raygun Gothic were the style of choice for forward looking builders and Nuclear Optimism was the cocktail party subject of choice for forward thinking fondue party goers.